World Youth Congress

World Youth Congress to overcome the negative phenomenon in the world aims to gather more than 100 000 young people who want to change a situation with negative events, their lives and the lives of others.

Гідропарк Житомир Гідропарк Житомир Гідропарк Житомир Гідропарк Житомир Гідропарк Житомир

World Kindness Record

World Kindness Record will be in Zhytomyr from 28 to 30 April 2017. Venue of the event is Zhytomyr Hydro Park.

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The tasks

Зібрання в житомирі

To gather in Zhytomyr 100,000 people ready to change the world for the better, who know how to rise above the negative phenomenon in the world (corruption, drug addiction, refugees, alcohol abuse, human trafficking, Internet safety, armed conflict, gender inequality and so on).

Негативні явища

To provide youth with the exact amount of information about every negative phenomenon and to find the ways to defeat them (through trainings, seminars, workshops, entertainment, games, etc.).

Написати резолюцію

To write and share a resolution of the World Youth Congress to overcome the negative phenomenon in the world. (The resolution will be submitted to the UN, NATO, EU, OSCE and the heads of all states in the world).


The Trainings will be dedicated to solving the most held that solve the most critical problems.

торгівля людьми

Prevention of trafficking

Ukraine is a country of origin, transit and destination of trafficking men, women and children. The problem of internal trafficking is also increasing up. According to a research provided by IOM, more than 160 000 Ukrainian have been victims of trafficking since 1991, making Ukraine one of the main countries of origin of victims of modern slavery in Europe.

Internet Security

Almost all people are an active Internet user. Someone knows, someone only guesses, but someone has encountered with its own computer and personal information security problems. All these risks come from the network, so it should follow a few safety rules.

безпека в інтрнеті
протидія корупції

Combating corruption

Guiding principle for the prevention and conflict agreement of interest in the duties of the persons authorized to provide state or local government functions, and similar representatives.

Combating intolerance attitude

Formation of interpersonal tolerance and tolerance mentality is the most important strategic mission of education in the XXI century.

не толерантне ставлення
гендерна дискримінація

Combating gender discrimination

Ukraine has ratified all the major international documents in the field of human rights, anti-discrimination, combating violence either gender issues. Despite the fact that these documents have become the part of national law, in practice these all are still not effective. We need clear implementation mechanisms that will make the process more standardized and therefore more effective.

Combating terrorism

The problem of terrorism has extended over all national borders and has become the international community problem. The reality of the terrorist threat was regarded by many countries long before. Policy of terror has deep historical roots and constantly used for political, religious and other purposes. Policy of terror was known in the ancient world, but it has extensively gained today in the background of political and economic instability in the world.

протидія тероризму
протидія міграції

Combating migration

The problem of compliance the foreign citizen’s rights during the police action against ombat illegal migration has lively discussedamong human rights activists and shamefully silenced in the police environment sufficiently long time.

Opposition to armed conflicts

It reveals the need to consider the terrorist conflict within the international law of armed conflict, international humanitarian law and the recognition of their social nature. There is an attempt to find out the possibilities of how the international law of armed conflict could regulate of combating this international crime based on the assessment of terrorism as a form of armed conflict

збройні конфлікти
подолання бідності

Poverty reduction

The problem of poverty in Ukraine is even more actualized by the financial-economic crisis that significantly affected the socio-economic situation in Ukraine. World experience shows that in times of economic and political crisis the problem of poverty is extremely aggravated and often able to achieve the scale of social disaster.

Overcoming unemployment

The condition and development of the labour market in any country, and the degree and methods of its state regulation is dependent onto the different nature and degree of impact factors: the current level and historical patterns of socio-economic development, macroeconomic policies, and the ratio of the major political parties, political society culture and the global trends in employment.

подолання безробіття
ВІЛ \СНІД, Туберкульоз, наркоманія

The fight against HIV \ AIDS, tuberculosis, drug addiction

For several years Ukraine is covering by interrelated epidemics. Thus, since 1995 (when the number of patients exceeded one percent of the population) an epidemic of tuberculosis had have declared in Ukraine. It increasingly progresses and becomes extensive scales. Although, in spite of the counter tuberculosis activities carried out in our country, the epidemic situation of tuberculosis remains tense.